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Posted By: Tyvon @ Mar 25 2009, 10:03 PM
If you still have access to this board (enabled closed board viewing) then go here;
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Expected Forum Changes
Posted By: Tyvon @ Mar 25 2009, 03:16 AM
Alright, I'm getting to finding a way to organize the forums so when we get the new boards installed, we can open them up almost immediately.

Bigger Changes:
- The forum will be a SimpleMachines forum. SMF is one of the easiest and most supported forum systems available. It shouldn't take long for everyone to adjust from IPB to SMF.
- All user accounts and current posts will be gone when this forum shuts down, so if there's something important that you don't want to lose, save it.
- The Shithouse is going to be removed completely. We want to be known as "a fairly rad indie gaming site!", not "that place with a spam forum." This isn't just a choice that I'm making on my own, a lot of other members agree it should be removed altogether as well. We're not ExC or tSR.
- The current forum theme (Pixeltendo Beta BoHeGeHa Blue) may or may not be preserved. If it isn't, we'll have to recode it from scratch, which may take a while.
- The moderating team will be completely overhauled. I will contact said people about mod positions later on in the week if I haven't done so already.
- Area-specific mods will be removed completely, so only global mods and admins will be the ones in power.
- Power abuse will be dealt with much more strongly, in order to prevent things from getting chaotic.

Smaller Changes:
- There will be a small amount of forum reorganization. News and Discussion will probably become one subforum, with important news being stickied for priority reasons.
- Spriting Tutorials will become a subforum of Pixel Art instead of its own section.
- There will be a new section to discuss indie gaming in general.
- More effort will be put in maintaining Sprite Duels and overall increasing activity; we may throw monthly spriting tourneys if the idea is supported enough, or even bring back TUGS if we get enough members to re-join.
- Comics is going to be removed completely. It's rarely touched, and when it is, it's all really bad sprite comics. Comics will just go in the Artist's Block itself instead of having its own section.
- Shops will most likely not be connected to Artist's Block anymore. They may get their own section. This is not confirmed.
- Worst of the Worst will be where locked topics go now; not deleted.

If anybody has any additional organization suggestions, or questions, feel free to ask.
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Community Projects ?
Posted By: Tyvon @ Mar 25 2009, 02:38 AM
Obviously while the forums are in such inactivity like this while I get the new forum set up and Bab takes care of the site, we're gonna need something to bring it back to life.

How about we start up a community project ?
It can be a spriting project, a fan game, whatever the fuck.

Pitch your ideas here and we'll try to start something up [:
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